A New Place to Call "Home"

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The Client

Keith and Julia were transplants to Dallas, having downsized from North Carolina about 2 years prior to retaining Inspired Interiors. Having traveled extensively throughout the world, the couple had amassed a very personal collection of furniture, art and accessories that were their most prized possessions. They hired Meg, in particular, because it was clear that she understood their desire to surround themselves with these things that have so much meaning to them.

The Project

The couple was ready to make this home more reflective of themselves after living in the home for a couple of years. They looked to Meg to design their space in a way that would feature well-thought out lighting, new furniture to add comfort and functionality, and would provide the opportunity to incorporate their collections in the d├ęcor. Inspired Interiors recommended a sectional, in the family room, new TV console and seating to create a sitting area in their bedroom, and beautiful and functional storage in a rear foyer.

The Inspiration

In partnership with Keith and Julia, Inspired Interiors was able to add the personal touches desired by their clients. The new lighting throughout the home adds sophistication to the dining room and fun to the modern lines and trendy color of the sectional chosen for their family rooms. As the renovation continues the design choices are being made with the objective of showcasing the special pieces the couple has collected in their travels, and each of their prized possessions will find its unique place in the home.