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The Client

Catherine has a busy family of five and, when she and her husband moved the family, including her mom, into their new home in Fairview, it was to be their “forever home.” The couple was comfortable considering large renovations – moving walls, raising ceilings, drilling into concrete flooring – and Meg enjoyed working with such wide berth to achieve their dream. Catherine and Paul at times had different design ideas, and finding the solutions that would make them both happy was an exciting challenge. Because Meg makes a personal connection with her clients, Inspired Interiors is uniquely suited to pull design ideas together into a cohesive plan by listening to all the input and then offering a variety of solutions.

The Project

Inspired Interiors was hired to consult on all areas of the family home. Meg worked on design for the kitchen, dining, and family rooms, bathrooms, and even helped recommend exterior paint colors. The kitchen and common living areas have been a big part of the project for Meg, Catherine, and Paul involving removal of two walls to open the kitchen to the family room resulting in a large, open family space that would become the heart of their home. The clients considered various floor plans, some which involved the expensive relocation of an exterior wall and lowering of the ceiling, but Meg was able to accomplish their goals without going quite that far resulting in a larger and more open feel to the kitchen. The project also included designing and building a custom island, replacing cabinets, selecting, cutting and installing custom granite countertops and backsplash, and more.

The Inspiration

Catherine and Paul both worked closely with and came to rely on Meg who understood their desire to make this their forever home. She enjoyed working with their sometimes different aesthetic tastes, and, she was determined to fulfill their dream of a home that was contemporary in function, warm, personal, and homey. The driving design vision was “modern farmhouse.” Centrally featured in the space, the custom granite for the island and counters needed to be intentionally selected and cut. Meg accompanied the Brenneman’s to the design center to select the perfect slab of granite, and to work with the stonecutter making sure the most interesting section of the slab with the desired veining and variation was used. The couple’s personal design aesthetic also came through in other choices throughout the process including their preference for dark, rich finishes such as the espresso wood cabinets and flooring.