Townhouse Makeover

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The Client

A busy IT specialist and serious marathoner who travels extensively for both, Karen dreams of someday living where the waves lap against the shoreline and where the temperate breezes muffle the sounds of the sea birds. In the meantime, she has a spacious townhouse in Allen that was in need of inspired touches to make it her home. Karen retained Meg to help her settle into her new digs.

The Project

Tasked with working on Karen’s master bedroom and dining room, Meg presented floor plans, purchased and installed furniture and window treatments – always with the goal to make the space an expression of the person who lives in it. Karen knew she wanted to replace her wood bedroom furniture with … something … but what? Inspired Interiors worked with her to provide many alternatives to help her find her unique style.

The Inspiration

To give her a taste of her dream future today, Inspired Interiors worked in a modern, beachy, crisp & feminine aesthetic. Meg’s belief in surrounding clients with things that have meaning to them – that reflect their past, present, and look to the future – informed the selection of accessories, colors, and finishes – light wood, shades of blue, reflective surfaces. Karen is thrilled with the result and now her home is a sanctuary during this busy time of her life … until she gets that beach house.