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The Client

Yokogawa is a high-tech, global corporation providing a variety of leading edge industrial services and solutions to business customers on 6 continents. When they opened their Carrollton, TX office, Sumiko Komatsu, Office Manager, was tasked with decorating the space – a project outside the “normal” scope of her job, but one she was determined to succeed at. The objective was for the space to both present the Yokogawa brand, while also distinguishing the office as being located in Dallas. Infused in the company culture is the tradition of commitment of Japanese businesses to their employees, and Sumiko wanted to also include something honoring their employees.

The Project

Turn a 10,000 square foot office space, for a US branch of a large, high tech, Japanese company, one who’s been in business since 1915, into a distinctly Dallas location through the selection of artwork, and to pay homage to employees through an installation dedicated to them -- all while maintaining consistency with the quality, high tech, pioneering positioning of the Yokogawa brand. A tall order, indeed, but a challenge we relished. Having lived in Japan for 10 years, Meg was well aware of the cultural importance of “the worker” and this part of the project spoke to her. Inspired Interiors provided options at various price points and was able to create a uniquely beautiful and contemporary space that met all parameters within their budget.

The Inspiration

Inspired Interiors set out to warm up and personalize the surroundings with statement artwork that was within their conservative budget but that was unique and uniquely Dallas. She understood the desire to recognize employees and created a “Wall of Fame” consisting of employee photos, but took it a step farther. For the Dallas-inspired artwork, Inspired Interiors turned to local artists – these less established, but extremely talented people came through with gorgeous on-brand images and artwork – sophisticated and sometimes abstract oil rigs, longhorn, local landmarks – that met the artistic vision and the budget. On the employee wall, in addition to the headshots of staff, the wall was made more engaging and personal to visitors by including framed quotes from the company website.